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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Author Interview – Shanna Hatfield @ShannaHatfield #thechristmascowboy

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Are you a city slicker or a country lover?

Country girl all the way, as long as you don’t ever plan to take me camping. I must have hot running water every single day. When I was a little girl, our pipes froze one winter. We spent about two months without running water and the only hot water was what Mom heated on the stove. It was awful and I don’t ever, ever want to be without hot running water.

What’s your next project?

I’m working on a book about an arena football player and a very quiet, serious girl who tries her best to ignore him.

How do you feel about self-publishing?

I think it is the greatest thing since sliced-bread. I say that because The Christmas Cowboy is my 20th self- published book. I know self-publishing isn’t for everyone, but for me, it has been the perfect fit. Absolutely perfect. I have an odd assortment of prior experiences that blended really well for self-publishing including writing, copy editing, and graphic design.

How important are friends in your life?

Extremely important. Friends are there when you need a lift and are always willing to share a laugh or celebrate a triumph. To me, friends are more like family.

How many friends does a person need?

That depends entirely on the person. I have a friend who has a goal in life to collect as many friends as possible. I’m the opposite. I don’t need many friends. Those I do have, though, are there for me whenever I need them and know my door and heart is open to them anytime.

The Christmas Cowboy

"10% of the net proceeds from all my book sales December 1-24 will be donated to the Justin Cowboy Crisis Fund®"

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Genre – Romance (contemporary western)

Rating – PG

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