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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The King of Sunday Morning by J.B. McCauley @MccauleyJay

The Game of Can’t


He kissed her deeply. He looked into her eyes. He drowned in her love. He held her face in his hands. He loved her more deeply than it was possible for a man to love a woman. From a world where love lived precariously alongside the shadow of violence, they had briefly shone like a brilliant star on a distant horizon.

He knew that the pain would never go away. That it would nestle deep within his soul and no matter how far he travelled, no matter how glorious the world could be, he would never find her again. He would never feel that surge of emotion when she touched his hand. He would never look into the eyes of another human and feel so totally enveloped in their spell. So lost in their heart and so safe in their love.

A tear snaked down his cheek. He tasted it on his lips. She shivered as he wrapped her in his arms. He could not bear the loss. His heart ached at the very thought of her gone. Tray smelt her golden tresses as he sank his face into her neck.

Their fate was sealed. Life proved greater than love. How can a man who wanted no more than the thunderbolt of love, be denied it by the life he led? She sobbed uncontrollably in his arms. She knew she would never be loved by another man with so much depth, so much fervour, so much strength. She asked herself whether it was better to have loved than to have never loved at all? Or was it better never to have known the ecstasy of perfect love and then lose it? She didn’t know. All she did know was that her man, Tray McCarthy, was going to be ripped from her because of the crimes of her father and not his. Unexpected as well as unwanted.

Jo felt her heart break as the realisation came to her that this would be the last time that they would meet. She was his love. He was her soul. Now that bond had been taken away from both of them. Forever lost in the crimes of their families. Just like a modern day Romeo and Juliet. If it wasn’t so painful, they could have made a film about it.

King of Sunday Morning

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Genre – Thriller, Action, Suspense, Gangster, Crime, Music

Rating – PG-18

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