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Saturday, September 6, 2014

S.A. Snow on Any Job She Would Like to Do @BooksBySnow #AmReading #AmWriting #Erotica

When you are not writing, how do you like to relax?
When not writing, I watch a lot of television. I find it easy to slip into a world that is not my own and lose time that way. I also find it very inspiring to watch and participate in the creation of others. I tend to read a lot as well. The novels I read range across the genre board, from erotica to YA.

If you could do any job in the world what would you do?
I want to have Mike Rowe’s job on Dirty Jobs. He gets to do everything! Each week he gets to do a different job. It’s amazing, and it looks like a great experience. I love the idea of being so well-rounded in knowledge.

What’s your next project?
My next project is a short story, actually. I’m working on a paranormal/supernatural romance erotica short for an anthology submission. I’ve chosen sirens for the topic! It’s so exciting. They’re very interesting creatures. I plan on writing a few more short stories in between novels, but I do have a second novel planned and in the works.

How do you write – lap top, pen, paper, in bed, at a desk?
I wrote on my laptop in google docs. It’s a rather amazing thing actually, and I like that I can access it from anywhere so long as I have internet. I write sometimes on my couch, at a desk, in bed, on the floor, at a bar, in a coffee shop, over lunch--I’ve been known to access it anywhere and everywhere just to get the story written.

Is your family supportive? Do your friends support you?
My family is supportive of my writing but not my necessarily my topic of writing. They’re not too keen on the idea of erotica, or sex-shifting aliens for that matter. However, I have a few wonderful friends who I’ve met through the great wide interwebs, and they have been very supportive of all my crazy ideas.

Every writer has their own idea of what a successful career in writing is, what does success in writing look like to you?
Success for me is simple. I just need to be having fun and enjoying myself. If that is happening, then whatever I’m doing is a success.

Where do you get your inspiration from?
I get my inspiration from the world around me and from asking a lot of questions. The premise for Across Worlds: Collision came when there was a mistake in a friends book an an alien accidentally shifted sex because of an editing error. I asked, what if an alien actually did shift their sex? And thus...this book came forth.

If you could study any subject at university what would you pick?
I would love to take at least one class in every area of topic. I think it’s very important to keep well-rounded in our knowledge, especially as an author. We need to know things about everything and the internet can only get us so far. There’s just not a manual to explain the technique of scraping plates, pipetting chemicals and solutions in an Eppendorf tube, or running column after column to get answers to some scientific question we have asked.

If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?
Right where I do live, high in the Andes Mountains on a farm. It’s beautiful, lovely, quiet and very serene. The perfect backdrop to a writer’s life.

How do you feel about social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter? Are they a good thing?
I think they are a good thing and a bad thing. I find that there is a lot of unnecessary drama on both social media platforms, and if you couldn’t already tell, I’m not a fan of drama. Authors and writers tend to go at it like we’re back in elementary school and little Bobby pulled Rhonda-Sue’s hair because he likes her, and Rhonda-Sue cried to Kelly because Bobby was being mean. It’s honestly not something I like to watch.

However, there are good reasons to have Facebook and Twitter. The best of which is connecting with people. There is no way I would have found my publisher without Twitter, and there’s no way I would have found my beta’s without Twitter or Facebook, or my editors. In the grand scheme, I think they do more good than bad, at least for now.


Jane expected six months undercover to be hard; she expected it to be lonely and bleak. She didn’t expect to find love. 

Jane Butler, a CIA operative, is assigned the task of infiltrating the Xanthians and determining if they’re a threat to humanity. Going undercover as a Xanthian mate, she boards the transport ship and meets Usnavi—her new mate. After spending six days traveling through space, Jane is ecstatic to explore the Xanthian station and soon sets out to complete her mission. The only problem? Usnavi—and the feelings she is quickly developing. 

Fumbling their way through varying sexual expectations, cooking catastrophes, and cultural differences, they soon discover life together is never boring. As Jane and Usnavi careen into a relationship neither of them expected, Jane uncovers dark secrets about the Xanthians and realizes she may no longer be safe. When it becomes clear she’s on her own, Jane is forced to trust and rely on Usnavi. Simultaneously struggling with her mission, her feelings for Usnavi, and homesickness, Jane faces questions she never imagined she would have to answer.

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