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Thursday, October 10, 2013

#Free Alert – Dark Pursuit: The Lost Shinmahs @KevanDinn

Dark Pursuit by Kevan Dinn


When steel or sorcery won't suffice, what do you turn to? . . .  The human mind!

An epic tale where the power of the mind confronts sword & sorcery. The story of an uncommon few who set out to do what mighty armies could not.

#1 bestseller in Sword & Sorcery, Coming of Age and Myths & Legends (July 2013)

#3 bestseller in Epic Fantasy (Nov 2012)

The dark realm of Yashin is immune to every physical threat, and its armies are unmatched. Khomer, the dark warlord, now sets his sights on Liguanea as his gateway to subjugating the free world. With no answer to Yashin's sorcery and physical supremacy, hope rests on a handful of men and women with uncommon mental prowess, who have not been seen for years - the Lost Shinmahs.

Unaware of his calling, young Adoy sets out from exile with his Shinmah parents to train his mind at Liguanea. He is unprepared, for Khomer lies in wait with his agents aprowl. Driven from one danger to the next by Khomer's relentless pursuit, he must reach Liguanea at all costs. For, at stake is all of Pangaea.
But there can be no sanctuary from Khomer...
The term 'Shinmah' is derived from Sanskrit and connotes 'mind power'.


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