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Friday, April 19, 2013

Author Interview – Paul Harry

Why Book Covers are So Important? Okay, I’ll be serious here. Your book cover is the opening statement of your novel. It is the opening line inviting the reader to take a journey into the story you’ve taken so long to write. If your book cover is sloppy, unappealing or confusing it sends a message that the rest of the book may be the same. We do judge books by their cover which is why I like covers that look like artwork. Your cover should be so cool that you want to hang it on the wall in your study.

How to Write Nonfiction (or other genre) Like a Pro. Put your heart into it. Anything less is a waste.

What to Look for in an Agent. One who tells you that you are the next Stephen King and that your work is so impressive that he or she wants to promote your work for free.  (Good luck with that!)

What to Look for in a Publisher. Same as the agent.

10 Tips for Becoming a Better Writer. Write, Write, Write, Write Write, Write, Write, Write, Write, Write! Oh and proofread!

How to Sell Your First Novel. Put it on Amazon and pray.

Practical Advice for Beginning Fiction (or other genre) writers. Don’t give up your day job.

Five Mistakes Writers Make When Querying Publishers. I wouldn’t know, I gave up and published myself.

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Genre – Sci-Fi / Historical / Contemporary

Rating – NC17 for explicit sex

More details about the author & the book

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Website http://5moons.com/


FRANCISCO Dake said...

Some great thoughts, and I'll certainly take it onboard with my writing. I can't help but think you should take a look at a film called 'Freedom Deep' when talking about 'Book of Eli'. The Denzel film shares a staggering amount of similarities to this independent Australian film, particularly the main characters and themes. Hell, even a lot of the shots and scenes are familiar! Keep up the good work, this blog is worth its weight in gold!
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