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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Author Interview – Christina George @publicistgal

Tell us about MacDermott Ellis (Mac), he’s hot and dangerous and the kind of man many of us could lose ourselves over. Is he real? Yes, well sort of. It’s an odd story about Mac, I wrote this character years ago and then met a man very similar to Mac so I was able to give this character even more depth. But yes, Mac is hot. Mac’s the guy your mother warns you about and still, you don’t care.
Do you find the time to read? Yes, and candidly whether I want to or not. Don’t get me wrong I love books and I love reading, but my job requires a lot of it so I have to make time to read. It’s really an awesome thing though, right? I mean getting paid to read! Who gets that lucky?
When and why did you begin writing? It’s funny actually, I started writing because I found that I had stories to tell. Stories about stories. So my work as a publicist is never without adventures and I really wanted to share them. I wasn’t sure I could I mean I had never intended on being an author, not really. I worked with them, I promoted them, but to become one? I hadn’t planned on that at all. Then I realized, I had something to say, so I did!
What’s your favorite place in the entire world? I love Europe, love it – especially France and Belgium. I hope to see my characters travel there in Book Three!
Where do you get your inspiration from? Mostly from the publishing world and the authors I have worked with but also from authors that other publicity people have worked with, too.
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