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Monday, November 4, 2013

Standing Stark: The Willingness to Engage by Carla Woody @CarlaWoody1

The Psyche’s Transmission

The impelling momentum of discoveries in the various fields of science in recent years is increasingly bringing that objective field closer and closer into alignment with the subjective realm of spirituality. From the documentation of energy fields and the permeability of all matter to the seemingly endless expanse of the Cosmos, such findings are blowing our tightly held worlds apart with a velocity that creates cognitive dissonance in many.

By focusing on a tiny spot in the far sky, present technology has allowed us to gaze into the further reaches of the Cosmos to countless other galaxies beyond our own. This awe-inspiring look at the vastness of existence can create a real elevation in awareness. It shows the wider mystery beyond religious dogma. It can allow us all to realize, in some ways, what a small part indeed we play in this universe. It can throw into question the very meaning of our individual presences on this plane. It can generate a wider perspective as to the importance that we each place on the mundane worries of our lives. It begs the question of how we may see ourselves as a microcosm of this vast macrocosm. It deals the anxiety: what can we cling to in this grand layering of consciousness?

The questions that come with this newfound awareness may undulate into our psyches and throw the meaning of our lives back in our faces. Within such a grand scheme, we may now taunt ourselves if we had grandiose ideas about making a difference in this world within countless other worlds. With so many possibilities and probable universes, the ultimate trick of our ego selves is to lend us navigation reins toward things we think we can somehow control when it’s the role of our higher consciousness to teach us what we cannot manipulate.

What a gift science is to us that it could continually squash all we thought we knew about the nature of reality. Rather than destroying us, it can create much freedom. It could allow freedom from the square inch of our daily lives, which we grasp tenaciously in our fists. It encourages a journey into the much larger existence.

If we set aside religious credos, but examine the common theme across all traditions, especially from ancient eras, we can become aware of the thread that holds strong across space and time. The essence of creation stories and mythologies is the same. These are aspects of human existence that remain unchanged, presented in such ways as Joseph Campbell’s The Hero’s Journey and discussed here through The Re-membering Process.

We all have the need to understand why and how we are here. In that effect, scientists are the proselytizers of this new religion called quantum physics. But the responsibility resides with each of us to make sense of it for our own lives. It isn’t the role of the quantum physicist to act as the intermediary for our souls any more than it is for any sanctioned holy person to do so. To place that offering at someone else’s feet is a cop-out. So, we are left with the question of how to find meaning in universes that are too expanded for the limited ways we use our minds and the dissolution of many centuries’ worth of theological indoctrination.

The answer lies with the Core Self and the mythological patterning hardwired into our very DNA. Mirrored time and again in nearly every tale we hear to which we resonate clearly, archetypal guidance is contained within stories and legends throughout time. It is this foundation that we can call upon to provide the valor to continue unflinchingly on life’s travels.

It is our own microcosmic journey that gives life meaning and weaves us into the macrocosm of existence. Life does begin with each of us. It then expands outward to touch others with how we live. The question then is no longer about purpose, but the quality of being and our authenticity within it.


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